Style your sneakers

Style your sneakers


Imagine a world where you constantly have access to your own personal stylist, who is always fully up to date with the latest fashion trends. And that this stylist also knows exactly what your personal taste is. Wouldn't that be crazy and wouldn't you be curious about the inspiring outfits you'd get every day?

Then we have good news, because this is no longer a beautiful dream, it's reality! After all, we have developed an algorithm and trained it for two years in the latest fashion trends on social media, such as Instagram and Pinterest. This beautiful marriage between technology and fashion comes together in our Style Creators, which creates inspiring outfits for you based on your personal style combined with the latest fashion trends.


How do you combine your most beloved sneaker with the latest fashion trends? Once you've found your gem, of course you want it to stand out. That's why we have developed a sneaker Style Creator especially for you. And as Ron Carroll sang it: Walking down the street with my nikes on!

We have a warm heart for this inspiring brand as a true trendsetter in sneakerland. That's why we've developed a unique Nike Sneaker Style Creator. With this Style Creator you can combine your style Nike sneakers with the latest fashion trends.


You can use this Style Creator to like five (or more) Nike sneakers and dislike three (or more) Nike sneakers. When you've done this, a pop-up will appear, after which you can look at your outfits. Through our Artificial Intelligence you can create amazing outfits with your liked sneakers with the push of a button. So don't wait any longer